Advanced VSClinical Reports with Scripting and Custom Integrations

Golden Helix VSClinical provides a guided workflow interface for following the ACMG and AMP guidelines for the evaluation of variants and CNVs for NGS tests. The output of this work is most often a lab-specific clinical report. Since VSClinical was introduced, we have provided a powerful Word-based templating system that allows labs to customize reports to include their specific content and branding. 

Although powerful, this capability has been limited to customizing the contents of a Word file. Sometimes, the next logical step for the VSClinical analysis result is not a Word file, but some other file or target system: A database, LIMS, EMR, or even just a custom structured text file. 

Join us in this webinar, as we discuss the next version of VarSeq, which will introduce a powerful scripting and custom integration engine built into VSClinical Reports. We will cover: 

  • Capabilities and outputs of the workflows of VSClinical ACMG and Cancer 
  • Content of VSClinical reports, including sample-QC, coverage statistics, custom gene panels, and data providence
  • The shipped report templates that range from gene panels to exome trios and comprehensive cancer testing 
  • The new custom script-based reports and example workflows it enables 
  • The tools enabling a powerful developer experience when building custom outputs and integrations 

The VarSeq Suite holds customization and extendibility as core values, allowing the powerful capabilities of variant analysis to be truly customized to the needs of a specific laboratory and NGS test. The new scripting and integration capabilities build on this tradition for the VSClinical workflows. We hope you can join us as we explore this topic in-depth in this webinar.